What Do the Fonts Look Like? AutoCad Help

You’ve already seen a few of the fonts available in AutoCAD. Chances are, you are familiar with the TrueType fonts available in Windows. You have some additional AutoCAD fonts from which to choose. In fact, you may want to stick with the AutoCAD fonts for all but your presentation drawings, as other fonts can consume more memory.

Figure 8.8 shows the basic AutoCAD text fonts, The Roman font is perhaps the most widely used because it offers a reasonable appearance while not consuming much memory. Figure 8.9 lists the Symbols and Greek fonts.





Adding Special Characters

Earlier in this chapter, you saw that you can add special characters using the Symbol button in the Multiline Text Editor-For example, you use the Degrees symbol to designate angles and the Plus/Minus symbol for showing tolerance information.

By clicking the Other option in the Symbol drop-down list, you can also add other special characters from the ·Windows Character Map dialog box,

Characters such as the trademark (TM) and copyright (©) symbols are often available. The contents of the Symbol drop-down list will vary depending on the font you have currently selected. You can click and drag or just click your mouse over the Character Map to see an enlarged view of the character you are pointing to.

To use the characters from this dialog box, proceed with the following steps.

  1. Choose Other from the Symbol drop-down list in the Multiline ‘Text Editor.
  2. Highlight the character you want.
  3. Either double-click the character or click the Select button. The character appears in the box at the upper-right comer of the dialog box.
  4. Click Copy to copy the character to the Clipboard.
  5. Close the dialog box.
  6. In the Multiline Text Editor, place the cursor where you want the special character to appear.
  7. Press CtrI+V to paste the character into your text. You can also right-click the mouse and choose Paste from the pop:up list.

Posted on November 7, 2015 in Adding Text to Drawings

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