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Once you have your HTML file completed, you arc ready to view it with a browser. You will need Version 3.0 or higher of either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator and the Autodesk Whip 3.1 driver. This driver can be obtained from the Autodesk Web page. The Whip driver comes in the form of files that are fairly large. Set aside at least half an hour of download time.

Once the installation file is downloaded, double-click it and follow the instructions. Your browser is located automatically, then prompts you for a location for the Whip driver software. Once this is done, you’re ready for view your page!

The companion CD-ROM contains a sample page in case you are in a hurry to see how .dwf files look on a Web”page. The following exercise steps you through the opening and viewing of that sample page. This will give you a chance to see just how useful a .dwf file can be.

1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the houseplan. html file from the companion CD-ROM and double-click it. Your Internet browser opens with a view of a simple floor plan .

As you move the mouse over the image, you’ll see the Pan Realtime hand cursor.

2. Click and drag the Pan Realtime cursor over the image. Notice that it works just like the Pan Realtime tool in .

3. Right-click the mouse. A popup menu appears.

Notice that this menu is also similar to the one you see in AutoCAD, with some additions.

4. Select Zoom from the menu. The cursor changes to the Zoom Realtime cursor.

5. Zoom in on the view as you would in AutoCAD.

6. Adjust your view so you see the lower-left comer of the plan.

7. Double-click the wall reference symbol. A new page appears showing a wall type detail associated with the symbol that you clicked.

8. Click the button labeled Back on the button bar to return to the previous page.

9. Click the door symbol. This time you see a page showing the door schedule.

In this example, you saw how you can click an area of the drawing to get to another drawing. These clickable objects are called URL links or hyperlinks. It is possible to set up these URL links to open the actual wall detail associated with the symbol. In the next section, you’ll learn how these links were created.

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