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AutoCAD offers a wide range of text-formatting options. You can control fonts, . text height, justification, line spacing, and width. You can even include special characters such as degree symbols or stacked fractions. In a departure from the somewhat clumsy text implementation of earlier AutoCAD versions, you now have a much wider range of controls over your text.

Adjusting the Text Height and Font

Let’s continue our look at AutoCAD text by adding a label for the living room of the studio apartment. You’ll use the Multiline Text tool again, but this time you’ll get to try out some of Its other features. In this first exercise, you’ll see how you can adjust the size of text in the editor.

  1. Pan your view so that the kitchen is just at the top of the drawing, as shown in the top image of Figure 8.2.
  2. Click the Multiline Text tool again: then select a text boundary window, as shown in the top image of FIgure 8.2.
  3. Highlight the text 14′-0″ by 16′-5″ (427cm by 500cm) as you would in any word processor. For example, you can click the end of the line to place the cursor there; then Shift+click the beginning of the line to highlight the whole line.
  4. Click the Font Height drop-down list and enter 6. The highlighted text changes to a smaller size.
  5. Highlight the words “Living Room.”
  6. Click the Font drop-down list. A list of font options appears .
  7. Scroll up the list Until you find Arial. This is a standard TrueType font available ill all installations of Windows NT or Windows 95/98. Notice that the text changes to reflect the new font.
  8. With the words “Living Room” still highlighted, click the Underline tool.


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