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Unlike most other programs, offers hundreds of page options. It can be quite a chore keeping track of and maintaining all of these options. But as you settle into using AutoCAD, you’ll probably find that you will set up a few plotter configurations and stick to them. AutoCAD 2000 lets you save a page setup under a name to help you store and manage those settings you use the most.

The Page Setup Name option in the upper-right comer of the Plot or Page Setup dialog box lets you store the settings from these dialog boxes under a name. When you click the Add button, the User Defined Page Setups dialog box appears.

To save the current page setup, enter a name in ~e New Page Setup Name input box, then click OK. The name you enter appears in the Page Setup Name drop-down list of.the Plot or Page Setup dialog box. You can also import other user-defined page setups by using the Import button, Since page setups are stored in the , the Import button opens a standard file dialog box that displays drawing files.

General Plot Options

These options control some of the general plotter parameters. The Keep the Layout Paper Size If Possible radio button causes AutoCAD to attempt to plot to the paper size specified in the Plot Settings tab of the Plot dialog box, regardless of the actual paper size in the plotter. If the specified size is larger them the capacity of the plotter” a warning message is displayed. The Use the Plot Device Paper Site option causes AutoCAD to use the paper size specified by the system printer or the PC3 plot configuration file currently in use. Both of these settings are also controlled by tile Paper update system variable.

The System Printer Spool Alert drop-down list offers control over Printer spooling alert messages. The OLE Plot Quality drop-down list offers control over the quality of OLE objects embedded or linked to a drawing. This setting can also be controlled through the OLE quality system variable.

When the use OLE Application When Plotting OLE Objects check box is checked, Auto-CAD will launch any application that is associated with an OLE object embedded or linked to the AutoCAD drawing that is currently being plotted. This helps improve the plot quality of OLE objects. This option can also be set through the Ole startup system variable.

Default Plot Style Behaviour

You’ve used two of these options in exercises in this chapter. These Options control the type of plot styles used in AutoCAD. ln the case of named plot styles, you can also Select a default plot style for Layer 0 and a default plot style for objects. Note that the Use Color Dependent plot Styles and Use Named Plot Styles’ radio buttons do not have an effect on ,the current drawing; ,they only affect new drawings and pre-AutoCAD 2000 drawings • being opened for the first time. The Default Plot Style Table drop-down list lets you select a default plot style table for new and pre-AutoCAD 2000 drawings. These settings are also controlled by the Pstyle policy.system variable:

The Add or Edit Plot Style Table Button , opens the Plot Styles dialog box. From there, you can double-click an existing plot style table file or start the Add a Plot Style Table wizard tp create a new plot style.

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