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Finally, you should be aware that attributes act differently from other objects when included in redefined blocks. Normally, blocks that have been redefined change their configuration to reflect the new block definition. But if a redefined block contains attributes, the attributes will maintain their old properties. This means that the old attribute position, style, and so on, do not change even though you may have changed them in the new definition.

Fortunately, AutoCAD offers a tool specifically designed to let you update blocks with attributes. The following steps describe how you would go about updating attribute blocks.

1. Before you use the command to redefine an attribute block, you must first create the objects and attribute definitions that are going to make up the new replacement attribute block. The simplest way to do this is to explode a copy of the attribute block you wish to update. This ensures that you have the same attribute definitions in the updated block.

2. Make your changes to the exploded attribute block.

3. Type Attredef↵.

4. At the Enter name of Block you wish to Redefine: prompt, enter the appropriate name.

5. At the Select Objects far New block: prompt, select all the objects, including the attribute definitions, you want to include in the revised attribute block.

6. At the Insertion Base Point of New Block: prompt, pick the same location as used for the original block.

Once you pick the insertion point, AutoCAD takes a few seconds to update the blocks. The amount of time will vary depending on the complexity of the block and the number of times the block occurs in the drawing. If you include a new attribute definition with your new block, it too will be added to all the updated blocks, with its default value. Attribute definitions that are deleted from your ‘new definition will be removed from all the updated blocks.

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