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The Tub and Toilet blocks can be recalled at any time, as many times as you want. In the following exercise, you’]] first draw the interior walls of the !athroum and then insert the tub and toilet.
1. First, delete the original tub and toilet drawings. Click the Era-i tool in the Modify toolbar, then enter All.J.J. This erases the entire visiible contents of the drawing. (It has no effect on the blocks you created previously)
2 Draw a rectangle 5′ x 7′-6″. Metric users should draw a 152cmx 228cm rectangle. Orient the rectangle so the long sides go from left to right and the lower-left comer is at coordinate 1′-10″,1′-10″(or coordinate 56.0000,56.0000 for metric users). If you draw the rectangle using the Rectangle tool, make sure you explode it using the Explode tool. This is important for later exercises. Your drawing should now look
3. In the Draw toolbar, click the Insert Block tool or type.
4. Click the Name drop-down list ‘at the top of the dialog box. A list of the available blocks in the current drawing appears Insertinq a Sjmbol 165
5. Click the block name TUB
6. In the Rotation button group on the right side of the dialog box, click the Specify On-Screen check box. This option allows you to graphically specify the rotation angle of the block as you insert it.
7. Click OK and you see a preview image of the tub attached to the-cursor. The upper-left corner you picked for the tub’s base point is now on the cursor intersection.
8. At the Speci fy ; nse r-t ion poi nt: prompt, pick the upper-left intersection of the room as your insertion point. Once you’ve picked the insertion point, notice that as you move your cursor, the preview image of the tub appears distorted.
9. At the Specify rotation angle <0>: prompt, notice that you can rotate the block. This lets you visually specify a rotation angle for the block. You won’t actually use this feature at this time so press.J to accept the default of O. Youshould have a drawing that looks like the top image
10. Open the Insert dialog box again but this time, selectTOILET in the Name drop-down list.
11. Remove the check next to the Specify On-Screen option in the Rotation button group of the dialog box.
12. Place the toilet at the midpoint of the line along the top of the rectangle representing the bathroom wall as shown in the bottom image.
Notice that once you select the insertion point, the toilet appears in the drawing; you are not prompted for a rotation angle for the block.

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