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There are many resources available for the AutoCAD user. Perhaps the most useful resources are today’s popular online services and in AutoCAD-related newsgroups. If you don’t already subscribe to one, you would do well to get a modem and explore the AutoCAD newsgroups, departments, or forums on online services.

To start with, check out the two Internet newsgroups that are devoted to AutoCAD users:

  1. Alt. cad. autocad
  2. comp. cad. autocad

Both of these newsgroups offer a forum for you to discuss your AutoCAD questions and problems with other users. Most Internet browsers let you access newsgroups. For example, you can open a News window from Netscape Communicator by choosing Window > Netscape News. From the Netscape News window, choose File > Add Newsgroup, and then enter the name of the newsgroup into the input box that pops up. From then on, you can read messages, reply to posted messages, or post your questions.

Another online service that offers help to AutoCAD users is America Online (AOL). Although it doesn’t offer a direct line to Autodesk, there is a forum for AutoCAD users to exchange ideas and troubleshooting tips. AOL also offers a library of AutoCAD-related utilities. To get to the AutoCAD folder in AOL, choose Go To > Keyword. Then in the Keyword dialog box, enter CAD and click GO.

If You Want to Experiment

Try to think of some other keyboard macros ~at you would like to create. For . example, you might try to create a macro that copies and rotates an object at the same time. This operation is a fairly common one that can be performed using the grip edit options, but you can reduce the number of steps needed to copy and rotate by creating a macro. Review the section entitled Creating Keyboard Macros with AutoLISP for help.

Here are some hints to get you started:

  1. Use the Copy command to copy an object in place .
  2. Use the same coordinate, like 0,0, for the base point and the second point..
  3. Use the Last Selection option to rotate the last object selected, which happens to be the original object that was copied.
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