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Eventually, you will find yourself somewhere without documentation and you will have a question about an feature. AutoCAD provides an online help facility that gives you information on nearly any topic related to AutoCAD. Here’s how to find help:

1. Click Help in the menu bar and choose AutoCAD Help Topics. A Help window appears.

2. If it isn’t already selected, click the Contents tab. This window shows a table of contents. There are two more tabs labeled Index and Find, and each offers assistance in finding specific topics.

3. Scan down the screen until you see the topic named Command References, and double-click it. The list expands to show more topics.

4. Double-click the item labeled . The Help window expands to show a list of command names.

5. At the top of the list is a set of alphabet buttons. In the main window, you see a list of commands beginning with “3D.” You can click the alphabetical button to go to a listing of commands that start with a specific letter. For now, scroll clown the list and click the word “Copy” shown in green. A detailed description of the Copy command appears.

6. Click the Help Topics button at the top of the window. The Help Topics dialog box appears.

7. Click the Find tab. If this is the first time you’ve selected the Find tab, the Find Setup wizard appears. “This dialog box offers options for the search database that Find uses to locate specific words.

8. Accept the default option by clicking the Next button at the bottom of the dialog box. The Find options appear with a list of topics in alphabetical order. You can enter a word to search for in the drop-down list at the top of the dialog, or you can choose a topic in the list box.

9. Type the word Change. The list box immediately goes to the word “Change” in the list.

10. Click the word “CHANCE” in all capital letters. Notice that the list box at the bottom of the dialog box changes to show some options.

11. Double-click Change Command Ir\CR] in the list. A description of the Change command appears.

AutoCAD also provides COil text-sensitive help to give you information related the command you are currently using, To see how this works, try the following:

1. Close or minimize the Help window and return to the AutoCAD window,
2. Click the Move tool in the Modify toolbar to start the Move command.
3. Press the Fl function key, or choose Help > AutoCAD Help Topics, The Help window appears, with a description of the Move command.

4. Click the Close button or press the Esc key.
5. Press the Esc key to exit the Move command.

If you are already familiar with the basics of AutoCAD, you may want to install the AutoCAD Learning Assistant. This tool offers quick tips and brief tutorials on a wide variety of topics, including working in collaborative groups, and making the most of the Windows environment. The Learning Assistant is on its own CD-ROM as part of the AutoCAD 2000 package.

Additional Sources for Help

The Help Topics tool is the main online source for reference material, but you can also find answers to your questions through the other options found in the Help menu. Here is a brief description of the other Help menu options:

What’s New Gives you an overview of the new features found in Auto- CAD 2000. If you’re an experienced AutoCAD user and just want to know about the new features in AutoCAD 2000, this is a good place to start.

Learning Assistant Offers new users some quick tutorials that show you how to use AutoCAD commands together to accomplish a task.

Support Assistant Offers a series of answers to frequently asked questions. This unique support tool can be updated through the Web site.

Autodesk on the Web Offers a listing of popular pages on the Autodesk Web site. You can find news about updates, locate downloadable tools and upgrades, and find the latest AutoCAD plug-ins for specific jobs you’re trying to tackle.

Connect to AutoCAD 2000 Website Starts your default Web browser and connects you to the Autodesk Web site.

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