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The last 3D Orbit option you’ll learn about is one that is perhaps more fun than practical. You can get a simple animated view of your model that rotates your view about the target point. Try this exercise to see how it works.

1; To make this animation a bit more interesting, turn on the Go around shading mode. While in 3D Orbit mode, right-click and then select Shading Modes> Gouraud Shaded.

2. Right-click again; then select More Continuous Orbit. You can also select 3D Continuous Orbit from the 3D Orbit toolbar.

3. Click and drag to the left just a short distance. Your view begins to spin in a clockwise direction. The distance you click and drag controls the speed of the spin .

4. Click anywhere to stop the rotation; then click and drag to the right This time the model spins in a counter-clockwise direction.

5. Click again to stop the spinning.

6. After you’ve reviewed the results of this exercise, close the Setting. dwg file without saving it.

The 3D Continuous Orbit option is better suited to viewing single objects rather than the interior of a room, but this exercise shows what can be done with this option.

nus concludes your tour of the 3D Orbit tool. You’ve used nearly every option available in this tool.With this knowledge, you should be able to set up practically any view you want. You covered a lot of ground here, so you may want to review this section before you work in 3D again.

If You Want to Experiment

You’ve covered a lot of territory in this chapter, so it may be a good idea to play with these commands to help you remember what you’ve learned. Try the exercise shown.

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