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Now the you have created drawings of a typical apartment unit, and the apartment building’s lobby and stairs, you can assemble them to complete the first floor of the apartment building. In this chapter, you will take full advantage of AutoCAD’s features to enhance your drawing skills, as well as to reduce the time it takes for you to create accurate drawings.

As your drawing becomes larger, you will find that you need to use the Zoom and Pan commands more often. Larger drawings also require some special editing t chniques. You will learn how to assemble and view drawings in ways that will save you time and effort as your design progresses. Along the way, you’ll see how yeu can enhance the appearance of your drawings by adding hatch patterns.

Assembling the Part

Start by creating a new file for the first floor.

1 Create a new file named Plan to contain the drawing of the apartment building’s first floor. This is the file that you will use to assemble the unitlans into an apartment building.
If you’re just opening AutoCAD, you can click the Open a Drawing button in the Start Up wizard, and then double-click the Browse Files button from the Select a File list.
2. Set the Units style to Architectural (Format > Units).
3. Set up the drawing for a l/S”=l’-{)” scale on a 24″x IS” drawing area (Format> Drawing Limits). If you look at Table 3.2 in Chapter 3 you’ll see that such a drawing requires an area 2304 units wide by 1728 units deep. Metric users should set up a drawing at 1:100 scale on an A2 sheet size. If you look at Table 3.3, you’ll see that your drawing area should be 5940cm by 4200cm.
4. Create a layer called Planl and make it the current layer.
5. Use the Drawing Aids dialog box to set the Snap mode to 1, and set the grid to S’, which is the distance required to display l-inch divisions in a 1/8″=10-0″ scale drawing. Metric users can set the Grid mode to 250.
6. Turn on the grid.
7. Choose View» Zoom» All, or type Z-l A..1,to get an overall view of the drawing area.

Now you’re ready to start building a floor plan of the first floor from the Unit plan.

1. Make sure Running Gsnaps are turned off, then insert the Urri t. dwg drawing at coordinate 31′-5″,43′-8″ (957,1330 for metric users). Accept the default.
2. Zoom in to the apartment unit plan.
3. Click Mirror on the Modify toolbar. Then select the Unit plan and press ..1.
4. At the Specialy f’irst poi nt of the mi rror 1;ne: prompt, Shift+rightclick the mouse and select From.
5. Shlfts-right-click again and select Endpoint.
6. Select the endpoint of the upper-right comer of the apartment unit, as shown in Figure 6.1.

7. [email protected]<0..1. Metric users should enter @6.5<0..1.A rubber-banding line appears indicating the mirror axis.

8. Turn on the Ortho mode and select any point to make the mirror axis point in a vertical orientation.
‘9. AttheDelete Source Objects? [Yes/No] <N>: prompt,press.J. You’
will get a 5″ wall thickness between two studio units. Your drawing should besimilar.
10. Press .J to reissue the Mirror command and select both units.
11. Use the From Osnap again and, using the Endpoint Osnap, select the same comer you selected in step 6.
12. Enter @24<90to start a mirror axis 24 inches directly above the selected point. Metric users should [email protected]<90.
13. With the Ortho mode on, select a point so that the mirror axis is exactly horizontal.
14. Press .J to keep the original units and complete the mirror operation.

With the tools you’ve learned about so far, you’ve quickly and accurately set up a fairly good portion of the floor plan. Continue with the next few steps to “roughin” the main components of the floor
1. Click View ;>- Zoom ;>-‘Extents, or type Z.J E.J, to get a view of the four plans You can also use the Extents tool on the Zoom Wmdow tool flyout. Your drawing will look like Figure 6.2.
2. Copy the four units to the right at a distance of 28′-10″ (878cm for metric users), which is the width of two units from centerline to centerline of walls.
3. Insert the lobby at coordinate 89′-1″,76′-1″ (2713,2318 for metric users).4. Copy all the unit plans to the right 74’-5″ (2267cm for metric users), the width of four units plus the width of the lobby.

5. Click View >- Zoom >- All, or type LJ A.J, to view the entire drawing, which look like Figure 6.3. You can also use the Zoom All tool on the Zoom Wmdow flyout. .
6. Now use the, File >- Save option to save this file to disk

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