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Importing PostScript Images

In addition to raster import, you can use the built-in PostScript import feature to import PostScript files. This feature can be accessed by choosing Insert >Encapsulated PostScript or by typing Import. The Import File dialog box lets you easily locate the file to be imported. Select Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) from the- List Files of Type pull-down list, and then…

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Importing and Tracing Raster Images

If you have a scanner and you would like to use it to import drawings and other images into AutoCAD, yeu can use AutoCAD’s raster image import capabilities. There are many reasons for wanting to import a scanned image. In architectural pl~, a vicinity n:tap is frequently used to show the location of a project. With the permission of…

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Working with Pre-existing Drawings and Raster Images

At times you will want to turn a hand-drafted drawing into an AutoCAD drawing file. It may be that you are modifying a design you created before you started using AutoCAD, or that you are converting your entire library of drawings for future AutoCAD use. Or perhaps you want to convert a sketch into d formal drawing. This chapter…

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