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Scaling and Rotating Blocks

In step 8, you can See the tub rotate as you move the cursor. You can pick a point to fix the block in place, or you can enter a rotation value. This was the result of selecting the Specify On-Screen option in the Insert dialog box. You may find that you want the 1c.utation’sSpecify On-Screen option turned…

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Inserting a Symbol

The Tub and Toilet blocks can be recalled at any time, as many times as you want. In the following exercise, you’]] first draw the interior walls of the !athroum and then insert the tub and toilet. 1. First, delete the original tub and toilet drawings. Click the Era-i tool in the Modify toolbar, then enter All.J.J. This…

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Restoring Objects That Have Been Removed by the Make Block Tool or the Block Command

In proir versions of AutoCAO, the Block command was the only command available to creel blocks.Tlus is a command-line version of the Make Block tool and is still available to those use’s who are more com,fortable enterinq commands via the keyboard. .To’ use it, you must: enter the word Block preceded by a minus sign at the…

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Organizing Your Work

Drawing the tub and toilet in Chapter 3 may have taken what seemed to you an inordinate amount of time. As you continue to use AutoCAD, however, you will learn to draw objects more quickly. You will also need to draw fewer of them because you can save drawings as symbols to be used like rubber stamps, duplicating drawings…

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