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Planning and Laying Out a Drawing

For the next object, the bathtub, you will use some new commands to layout parts of the drawing. This will help you get a feel for the kind of planning you must do to use AutoCAD effectively. You’ll also get a chance to use some of the keyboard shortcuts built into AutoCAD. First, though, go back to the…

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Exploring the Drawing Process

This section explores some of the more common AutoCAD commands and shows you how to use them to complete a simple drawing. As you draw, watch the prompts and notice how your responses affect them. Also note how you use existing drawing elements as reference points. While drawing with AutoCAD, you create gross geometric forms to determine the basic…

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Setting the Polar Tracking Angle

You’ve seen how Polar Tracking lets you draw exact vertical and horizontal lines, You can also set Polar Tracking to draw lines to other angles, such as 30 or 45 degrees. To change the angle Polar Tracking uses, you use the Polar Tracking tab of the Drafting Settings dialog box. Open this dialog box by right-clicking the POLAR…

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Using Polar Tracking and Snap as Your Scale, T-Square, and Triangle

Now you will draw the first item in the bathroom: the toilet. It is composed of a rectangle representing the tank, and a truncated ellipse representing the seat. To construct the toilet, you’ll use the Polar Tracking and Polar Snap tools. Polar Tracking helps you align your cursor to exact horizontal and vertical angles, much like a T-square and…

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Using the AutoCAD Modes as Drafting Tools

After you have set up your work area, you can begin the plan of-a typical bathroom in your studio. You will use this example to learn about some of AutoCAD’s drawing aids. These tools might be compared to a background grid (Grid mode), scale (Coordinate Readout modes, and a T-square and triangle (Object Snap Tracking mode and Polar Tracking…

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Learning the Tools of the Trade

That covered the most basic information you need to understand the workings of AutoCAD. Now you will put this knowledge to work In this architectural tutorial, which begins here and continues through, you will draw an apartment building composed of studios. The tutorial illustrates how to use AutoCAD commands and gives you a solid understanding of the basic AutoCAD package. With…

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