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VBA Functions

VBAincludes a wide variety of built-in functions. While this/section can’t cover all of them, you will learn about the most useful ones here. You may want to review the Functions section of the VBAonline help for a more comprehensive list. You can also use the Object Browser (see Chapter 99, which is on the accompanying CD) to view all…

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Objects, Methods, and Properties

You’ll run into objects, methods, and properties ‘thrqughout VBA.If you’ve looked atthe AutoCAD object model, you’ve already run across all-three of these: .” An object is.any type of variable that hes complex beha~. For example, the Document object in AutoCAD represents an entire draWing file. • A method is anything !hat an object knows hoW to…

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Variables and Const nts

Until now, you haven’t learned about one big’ part of most actual procedure declarations: data types. Technically, all of the arguments and return values up to this point have been variants. You can think of a variant as a multipurpose data type that canhold anything. In this section, you’ll see that there are also special-purpose data types, as well…

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Introduction to VBA I in Auto CAD

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is integrated as a standard part of AutoCAD 2000. This means that you can use VBAfor all of your AutoCAD development tasks, instead of (or in addition to) ObjectARX and AutoLISP. If you’re already familiar with some dialect of BASIC, you’ll find that VBAis easy to learn. If you’re a seasoned AutoLISP developer,…

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