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AutoCAD is a software through which we can easily make drawings. The AutoCAD converts your sketches in to digital vision formats. However. It also helps architect to design their building through AutoCAD, it helps mechanical engineers to create design of machines or cars and it also helps a user to make technical drawings and the blue prints. AutoCAD has different dimensions and procedures of drawing. Any person can exactly determine the product when it is design in a digital format. It saves time if you have created your files by AutoCAD software.

For example, if an architect will draw all of its building structures and landscapes sketches and will keep it in a file there will be difficulty to carry those files everywhere. And if he needs to send a file to someone, then he cannot sent a sketch. Through AutoCAD a person can easily share their files. AutoCAD helps engineers to run the drawings and check its weight and dimension through it. Civil engineers use AutoCAD in making designs of railways, airports, roads and irrigation aspects. They made detailed projects of these design which includes environmental hazards, risk analysis and cost estimation of the project.

The main purpose of AutoCAD is to create efficiency using cost effective methods. AutoCAD is used interior designs, maps, fine arts, greeting cards, logos, architectural designs and in graphic designing. You can learn AutoCAD by learning four different dimensions. Through software commands, drawing concepts, automation and AutoCAD functions you can easily do 2D drawings.

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