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The you opened. in your browser in the previous exercise contains the HTML code you looked. at in the previous section entitled. Adding a DWF File to a Web Page. Only the names of the embedded DWF files were modified. to include the floor plan. The ability to have a clickable object in the browser’s view of the plan comes from the DWF file itself. You add links to connect objects in your drawing to other .HTML files before you save. your in the DWF format.

To add such links, you use the Hyperlink tool in . You are not limited to creating links to DWF files. You can create links to text documents, other drawing files, or any type of file you want.

Once you add links to objects, you can use those links to open the linked file just by selecting the object and right-clicking on a blank area in.the drawing. You don’t have to turn your drawing into a .dwf file to take advantage of hyperlinks.

Creating Hyperlinks

The following shows you how links were added to the plan you saw in the previous exercise.

1. In AutoCAD, open the file called houseplan . dwg.

2. Choose Insert> Hyperlink.

3. At the Select objects : prompt, click the hexagonal door symbols, as shown.

4.’re done, press ↵. (In the sample file you looked at previously, you added a link to all of the hexagonal symbols.) The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears.

S. Click the Browse button in the upper-right corner of the dialog box. The Browse the Web-Select Hyperlink dialog box appears.

6. Locate the Doorsch. html file in the \Figures\ subdirectory and select it.

7. Click Open. The Insert Hyper1ink dialog box reappears. Notice that Doorsch. html appears in the list box at the top of the dialog box.

8. Make sure that the Use Relative Path for Hyper1ink option is not checked then click OK.

The link you just created is stored with the drawing file. You can then create a DWF file from this drawing and the link will be preserved in the DWF file.

Now let’s see how you can use the link from within the AutoCAD file.

1. Move your cursor over the hexagonal door symbol. Notice that the cursor changes to the Hyperlink icon when it is placed on the symbol. It also shows the name of the file to which the object is linked.

This tells you that the object is linked to another document somewhere on your system, network, or the World Wide Web.

2. Click the hexagonal door symbol to select it.

3. Right-click a blank area of the Drawing. In the pop.up menu, select Hyperlink >- C:\Program Files\ACAD2000\Figures\doorsch. html.

Your default Web browser opens and displays the file doorsch. html.

You used the doorsch. html file as an example in these exercises, but this could have been a text file, a spreadsheet, a database, or even another AutoCAD file. AutoCAD will start the application associated with the linked file and open the file.

Editing and Deleting Hyperlinks

You can edit or delete the hyperlink by doing the following.

1. Choose Insert >Hyperlink.

2. Click the object whose link you wish to edit, then press↵. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box, appears.

3. You can now change the link, or click the Remove Link button in the lower left corner of the dialog box to delete the link altogether.

When you create a hyperlink that connects to an AutoCAD drawing file, you can set up the link to open a specific view in the drawing. You do this by entering the name of the view in the Named Location in File input box of the Edit Hyper-link dialog box. This also works with word-processed documents by entering the name of a bookmark in the Named Location in File input box. If you’re linking to an HTML document, you can put an anchor name in this input box to go to a specific anchor.

The inclusion of hyperlinks in drawing files and DWF files opens a world of new possibilities in the way that you work with drawings. You can link product specifications directly to the objects in the drawing that represent that product. You can also link to extended data beyond the simple symbol or graphic in a drawing, such as a database table or spreadsheet.

You don’t have to limit your links to HTML files containing AutoCAD drawings. You can link to all sorts of Web documents, to drawings on your computer or your companies network, and even to documents-on other the Link to File or URL input box of the Edit Hyperlink dialog box to link the hexagonal door symbols to the Autodesk Web site.

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