Adding Help Messages to Pull Down Menu Items AutoCad Help

Earlier in this chapter you learned how to include a help message with a button. The help message appears in the status bar of AutoCAD window when you high ligt an option. You can also include a help message with a pull-down menu item .

First you must give your pull-down menu file a menu group name. This helps Auto CAD isolate your file and its help messages from other menus that might be loaded along with yours. To give your menu file a group name, add the following line at the top of the me:


The ID names are case sensitive so make sure they match up in both the HELPSTRINGS section and in the menu section

Once you’ve done this and then loaded the menu file, you will see these same messages appear in the status bar when these menu options are highlighted. In fact if you browse your Acad. mnu file you will see similar ID names. If you prefer you can use numbers in place of names.

Creating Accelerator Keys

Perhaps one of the more popular methods for customizing AutoCAD has been the keyboard accelerator keys. Acceleratorkeys are Ctrl or Shift key combinations that invoke commonly used commands or tools in AutoCAD. The Osnaps are a popular candidate for accelerator keys as are the display commands.

To add accelerator key definitions to AutoCAD, you need tc .::..ld some additional code to your menu file. The following is an example of what you can add to the Mymenu.mnufile to define a set of accelerator keys.


Although you can use the Fl and Esc keys for accelerator keys their use is discouraged because they serve other functions for both Windows and AutoCAD.

Posted on November 9, 2015 in Integrating AutoCAD into Your Projects and Organization

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