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You could continue by adding and adjusting materials to the other parts of the model, but try dressing up you view by including a sky. To do so you need to set up the background.

1. Open the Render dialog box and then click the button labeled Background. The Background dialog box appears.

2. In the row of radio buttons across the top, find and click Image: Notice that several of the options near the bottom of the dialog box are now available.
3. Click the Find File button at the bottom left the dialog box. The Background Image dialog box appears. This is.a typical AutoCAD file dialog box .

4. Use the Background Image dialog box to locate the Sky. tga file. It can be found in the \ Textures\ subdirectory of the \AutoCAD2000\ directory.
5. Once back in the Background dialog box click Preview to see what the file looks like. Sky. tga is a bitmap image of a blue sky with clouds.
6. Click OK. Then once back in the Render dialog box click Render. The back- ground appears behind the model as shown in Figure 17.10.

This example added a bitmap image for a background, bnt you can use other methods to generate a background. For example, you might prefer to use a gradient shade or color for the background. This can help give a sense of depth to the image (see Figure 17.11).You can of course add a single color to the background
if you prefer.

To create a gradient background, select the Gradient radio button at the top of the Background dialog box. You can then adjust the color for the top middle and bottom third of the background. AutoCAD automatically blends the three. colors to bottom to create the gradient colors.

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