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If vou need to edit a drawing that contains a lot of text, but you don’t need to edit the text, you can use the Qtext command to help accelerate redraws and regenerations when you are working on the drawing. Qtext turns lines of text into rectangular boxes, saving AutoCAD from having to form every letter. This allows you to see the note locations so you don’t accidentally draw over them.

The following steps tell you how to turn on Qtext.

  1. Select Tools > Drawing Aids and turn on the Quick Text check box, or enter Qtext at the command prompt.
  2. At the ON/OFF <OFF>: prompt, enter ON.
  3. To display the results of Qtext, issue the Regen command from the prompt.

When Qtext is off, text is generated normally. When Qtext is on, rectangles show the approximate size and length of text, as shown in Figure 8.13.



Express Tools Text.Editing Utilities

Finally, before ending this chapter, you will want to know about a set of bonus utilities that give you the following capabilities:

  1. Draw text along an arc. If the arc changes, the text follows.
  2. Adjust the width of a single-line text object to fit within a specified area.
  3. Explode text into lines.
  4. Mask areas behind text so that the text is readable when placed Over hatch or solid fill patterns.
  5. Search and replace text for a set of single-line text objects.
  6. Import external text files.
  7. Convert single-line text to multiline text.

These functions can save hours of your time when editing a complex drawing that is full of text. You can find out how to access these tools in Chapter 19.

Some additional text-ediiing tools are included on the companion CD-ROM to this book. These tools let you edit single-line text objects in a word-processing environment (Edsp. 1sp), change the oblique angle of a set of text (Oblique. 1sp), and change a set of single-line text objects into sequential numbers (Ets.lsp). See Appendix C for details.

If You Want to Experiment

At this point, you may want to try adding some notes to drawings you have created in other You Want to Experiment … sections of this book. Also, try the exercise shown in Figure 8.14. In addition, you might try importing a finish or door schedule from a word processor in the Monotxt font, to see how that works. If your application is mechanical, you might try importing a parts list..



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